Tourist Places

Lake Paradise Rudrapur

This is a green development at the center of Rudrapur near Kalyani river and is visited by many tourist through…

Photogallery UdhamSinghNagar

UdhamSinghNagar is the Gateway to Kumaon hills. Due to its situation at the foot of hills many rivers are present…

Giri tal,Kashipur
Giri Tal

Girital is well known tourist place in Kashipur.

Drona Sagar Kashipur
Drona Sagar

Drona Sagar is well known spots and is associated with the story of the Pandevas. Today Kashipur is an important…

Chaiti Mandir Kashipur
Chaiti Devi,Moteshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple is located at a distance of 2.5 kms from Kashipur bus stand and lies on the Kashipur-Bajpur route….

Atariya Temple
Atariya Temple, Paanch Mandir

This is Atariya temple located at 2 Km distance from Rudarpur Bus Station. Paanch Mandir is situated in centre of…

Lawn-Dams Of UdhamSinghNagar
Dam in UdhamSinghNagar

A dam has been constructed on river Saryu at Nanak Matta forming Nanak Sagar which adds up to the beauty…