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District at a Glance



Udham Singh Nagar was a portion of district Nainital before the Tarai belt was separated to form the present Udham Singh Nagar on 30/09/1995.

In the past this land which is full of forest land was neglected till 1948 due to difficult climate. Marshy lands, extreme heat, rains which lasted months,a place full of wild animals, diseases and no means of transportation prevented the human race to form a colony here.

According to Historians, hundreds of years ago village Rudrapur was established by a devotee of lord Rudra or by Hindu tribal chief called Rudra, which has passed through phases of development to take the shape of city Rudrapur. The importance of Rudrapur has increased as it is the head quarter of district Udham Singh Nagar. During the reigns of mughal emperor Akbar this land was handed over to king Rudra Chandra in 1588. The king established a permanent millitary camp to free tarai from day today invasions. Totaly neglected village Rudrapur was filled with new colours and human activities.There is a saying that Rudrapur was named after king Rudra ChandraDuring the reigns of Britishers, Nainital was made a district and in 1864-65 the whole Tarai and Bhawar was put under "Tarai and Bhawar Government Act" which was governed directly by the British crown.

The history of development started with 1948, when the problem of partition brought refugee problem with it. Immigrant from north west and eastern areas were reestablished in 164.2 square km land area under "up nivesh yojana". Personal dwellers were not alllotted land in accordance with crown grant act. The first batch of immigrants came in December 1948.

People from Kashmir,Punjab,Kerala,Eastern UP,Garhwal, Kumaion,Bengal, Hariyana,Rajasthan, Nepal, and Naidu live in groups in this districts.This country is an example of unity in diversity with people from many religions and professions and so is this Tarai, which has its heart at Rudrapur. Due to this Tarai was named MINI HINDUSTAN.

According to a folktale when king Rudra was passing through, his chariot got stuck into marshy land, so he decided to build a temple and well at that place. The present Atariya temple is the same At a distance of 2 kms. from the bus stand and half a kilometre away from the Rudraur-Haldwani motor route. Every year during the occasion of 'Navratras' a large fair is held here and thousands of devotees come to seek the blessing of Goddess Atariya. The fair is held for 10 days.


Neighboring Districts of UdhamSinghNagar Bijnour, Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly, Pilibhit ,Champawat, Nainital
Neighboring Country Nepal
District Type Tarai
Tehsils in UdhamSinghNagar(8) Khatima, Sitarganj, Kichha, Rudrapur,Gadarpur, Bazpur, Kashipur, Jaspur
Blocks in UdhamSinghNagar(7) Khatima, Sitarganj, Rudrapur, Gadarpur, Bazpur, Kashipur, Jaspur
Nyaya Panchayats 27
Number Of Villages 656
Nagar Nigam(2) Kashipur,Rudrapur
Nagar Palika Parishads(6) Jaspur,Bajpur, Gadarpur,Kichha, Sitarganj, Khatima
Nagar Panchayats(6) MahuaDabra, Mahuakheraganj, Kelakhera, Dineshpur, Sultanpur Patti, ShaktiGarh
Water Availability At 10 meters
Population Of UdhamSinghNagar 12+ Lakhs
Tourist Season Whole year
Language of District Hindi, English, Punjabi